Ode to my presence on this blogging site

I’m a Christian, Irish, Native American, a Stark, a Gryffindor, a Windrunner, a monstrumologist, a State Alchemist, a firebender, of the Green Ajah, an elf of Rivendale, a Studio Ghibli fangirl, and a fan of horses and music. I am also a masochist. I create characters, love them, and then they force me to put them through hell. Yes, they are real people and the characters control the story more than the author does.

Like all inspiring novelists, I have many stories to tell (more like forced to tell ). My life has been a journey of ups and downs (hasn’t everyones?), but I’ve loved writing and reading through it all.

I’m currently seeking an agent and have decided to share my journey on what I’m sure is to be an emotional roller coster. I’m calling this “dreams to reality.” Day one was years ago, but my official quest to be published started on October 16th, 2012. Let’s see how long this takes. With this, I hope to meet other writers struggling with the same problem, and maybe others who are just struggling for other dreams or just struggling in life. What is life if not a struggle? Easy can be boring and humans were created to strive (I bet half the villains of stories understood that humans don’t quit. It’s not our nature).

I’ve been writing novels since I was nine, though I hope those particular creations never see the light of day. I’ve had twelve years of honing my craft, and now I’m trying to realize my dream; seeing my name on the spine of a book.

I hope to meet fellow authors who share in my passion on this blog. Nothing stimulates the creative mind more than discussion, so join me and lets turn ideas into worlds.


12 thoughts on “Ode to my presence on this blogging site

  1. Let me know whenever you would like to discuss or bounce around ideas. I am an experienced newspaper guy, not a writer, but a copy editor–Washington Post 20 years–so I am good with language and love literature, particularly poetry.
    Thank you so much for your strong endorsement of my “ketchup …” picture. Your words are a huge inspiration.

  2. I thank you for following my blog and I wish you look on publishing your first novel. By all means if any of my art inspires a character for one of your novels, do let me know, as I would be elated 😀

  3. You certainly have a way with words. As Dr Phil would say “Getting published isn’t a success-only journey” so best of luck managing those ups and downs also!

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