Iron & Glass

Lights glare in her eyes; she tries blinking them away. Her foot swings around her—screech! Her world spins. A warm liquid touches her skin. The moan of a siren, the smell of wood, the beat of a heart, a cold body beneath soft fingertips—cold; bodies are supposed to be warm.”

Ballerina Calissa Delano Lavalle lost her mother in a car accident, and now she struggles to dance. Her coach recommends Calissa take a break, but, without dancing, nothing can distract Calissa from her mother’s absence and the distance her father’s placed between them. Calissa tries pulling the unraveling threads of her life together, but even her friends slip away.  Weighted with the past, she cannot move forward, until something new invades. Animals have started following Calissa. Her life takes a dangerous turn where the supernatural becomes real.  Two beautiful and undoubtedly lethal boys will change Calissa’s life, tangling her past and future, endangering her friends and family, and forcing Calissa to search inside herself and discover what it means to be human.


Like my short stories, blog posts, or to help make my dreams come true? Then order my novel, Iron & Glass! 

It comes out September 16th, but is available for pre-order right now! 


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