Dreams to Reality (day 199)

I haven’t been posting much (thanks to my new job!) but I have kept up with my writing.

First, I’m getting published!!! A short story of mine anyways. The book Overruled! will be avalible May 20th, and will feature a short story from yours truly. It’s a small step, but I’m still excited. For anyone interested in the book, it features a bunch of short stories from a contest and the staff of The Creative Writing Institute. It will be avalible online and in hard copy. All proceeds will go to charity.

Now that I’m done advertising, I also won a short story contest! Whoopie. I posted about that already, but things are moving along pretty fast. I hope everything snowballs and soon I’ll be sitting pretty with an agent. Or not. But I can hope. My sister and I are hard at work “killing the baby” and are making huge changes to the first draft of our story. I’m busy at work planning out book two for my self titled “clock work” series.

Other than that, I don’t have too much going on. I’ve been reading a lot, working over 50 hour weeks, and melting in the sun.


Winner of a short story competition is Pakizer, Ariel Hannah


Author Aoife Marie Sheridan

This piece was written based on a picture of an eye with a tear drop. 

Well done Pakizer, Ariel Hannah

   “The sky was filled with lightening. Bolts cut across the grey gloom slamming into the earth. Rain pour from the clouds in wrath and despair. Wind shrieked and spun through the air breaking branches and skewing arrows from their targets.

            “Below the enraged sky, man fought man. Armies crashed with the sound of steel and the dance of death. Destriers screamed falling beneath their riders. Men pleaded for their mother’s as their life’s blood watered the ground.

            “For three days shields shattered and lives ended. Victory rose with the dawn and the blade of Serafine, the woman warrior and shield of Nudar. Her steel tasted blood, biting flesh and bone. Her courage unfaltering, her skill unmatched.

            “The song of the battle ended. The dead were burned…

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