A Blank Page and a Head Full of Ideas.

His finger weren’t moving. His mind was blank. He watched the empty screen with a growing sense of anxiety in his stomach. There was a world trapped inside his mind, characters whose stories deserved to be told, and told right. The world would be a cruel place to give him such fantastic ideas with no proper means of execution. Yet, the words refused to come. It was like they were sticking their tongues out at him.

He danced his fingers across the keyboard at random. He stared at a random string of letters and numbers resting above a red squiggly line. Sighing, he hit the backspace button and watch the long, non existing, and unpronounceable word vanish. His page was blank again, his mind still empty.

He closed his computer down and stretched. He wanted to go and buy himself a treat for a hard days work, only he didn’t get anything done. He had staring contest with a empty page and lost, but it still took more effort to stare at the page and think than a marathon would.

He sat back down and stared at his notes. There were pages of them written on scraps of paper as the story came to life in spontaneous places. He had been to excited to write it then, the words visualized in his mind, eager to be typed. As soon as he opened up that blank page, though, it was like a light on his brian switched off, and it took the words away.

He opened his computer, and took a sip from his long cold coffee. He opened his iTunes and played his new favorite song “Radio Active” by Imagine Dragons, only a week ago it had been “Today’s Supernatural” by Animal Collective. He looked up details on a new video game he wanted, to discover no new information had been released. He double checked the release date, and looked up some fan art just because he could. He opened up his Twitter account and told his followers, “Currently being distracted by the internet. Help.” He closed off his browser.

He tapped his fingers against each other and reloaded the blank screen. “The” he wrote bravely before deleting it. He sighed and hung his head for a moment. What was it they always said in creative writing classes? Just write something?

“Something won’t cut it,” He snapped at the echo of advise, “It has to be perfect.”

He closed his eyes and tried to think about his characters, their history, motivations, goals, quirks, imperfections. He smiled and started to type. The first sentence was awkward, the second sloppy, and the third was a fragment.

His fingers moved faster as the world took over his brain. The drive to be perfect left as words tumbled from his fingers onto the page. He typed and typed and typed as ideas were made tangible. The first scene of his first draft growing underneath his fingertips.

He stopped when something growled in his stomach. Somehow the sun was gone and blank page and turned into several pages of a first draft. He smiled, shut his computer, and stretched again. This time he smiled as words bounced around his head.


SSWF – Denzel Washington

Actors don’t have the best reputations, but how can they when  E-news would rather criticized their outfits? Entertainment news is just as bad a world news, preferring to inform the world of people at their worst instead of people at their best. But thanks for Andrew Toynbee who pointed me in the direction of this article which talks about why Denzel Washington decided to donate money to the Fisher House Foundation. He isn’t asking for any credit, and isn’t getting any from the press, but I think these are the types of stories people should get credit for. Altruism isn’t as uncommon as the news would you have believe. People tend to be kind, if you give them the chance. 

So please check out the article and read about something worth fighting for. 

Something Worth Fighting For (SWFF)

“There’s some good in this world Mr. Frodo, and it’s worth fighting for.” –Samwise Gamgee, The Two Towers,

Aren’t these some of the truest words ever spoken? But aren’t they also some of the easiest words to forget?

I don’t watch the news often because whenever I do it makes me depressed. The “news” is painfully one side; it only broadcasts the bad news. That’s why I want to start a category on my blog which tells people about some good news. I want to have a place where people can go to see what’s “worth fighting for.”

But I can’t do that alone. I don’t have enough good stories to tell people to keep that section of my blog alive, so I need help. If a celebrity you like donated money to someone, if you have a neighbor who offered you help unexpectedly, or if you offered your neighbor help, if a child you know gave away their apple or shared their candy; any random act of kindness you hear about or you’ve done I want to hear about it. If you post it on your blog, please message me so I can reblog it. If you have a story and don’t have a blog or don’t want to put it on your blog please tell me the story so I can hear post it word for word or write it out for the world to see. I will give any credit you ask for. If you do see an article that is giving uplifting news, send me the link and I’ll credit the place you found it and you.

I just want to create a place where people can go to read news that give them hope for the future and for humanity, because people can be wonderful. I know there are probably websites or other blogs dedicated to nothing but this, but I want to give a small part of my blog to this. My entire blog will not be about good news, but a small part, a category called “Something Worth Fighting For” will be.

If you have anything you’d like to share, please email me at futureghosthunter24826@yahoo.com I normally don’t give my email address away so this isn’t my professional email, but it is one I check often. To start, I will check it once a week to see if anyone is interested in creating this place for people. If it takes off, I will check it more often. If nothing happens, I will check it less often. I have some stories of my own that I will be posting, but I don’t have enough.

I write stories because I want to share those better qualities with people. Some authors, myself included, at times will sit and try to think of a story idea. Others have a story and characters come to them. More often than not, I will be doing something completely random and a character, a story, and a world will rush at me in a single moment. After that moment, I have to write the story down. I owe it to the characters and to everyone who will one day be able to read about them.

My news year resolution is to stop living for myself and start living for others because that is the most gratifying life someone can live. I read stories because characters tend to be better than real people. They can be unfailing loyal. They can face certain death or an inescapable failure and still try. They love wholly and can trust completely. They’re not perfect, but there often who I look up to and inspire to be more like.

I want to start this piece of my blog to spread good news, to lift people’s spirits instead of dragging them down, and to let people know no matter what the news says, there is some good, there is a lot of good, worth it’s fighting for.