Offensive or Informative?

Ok, so I don’t usually post stuff like this, or ever really. I tend to keep my opinions to myself and offered advice about writing or write some short stories, but I had to post this.

I started reading this article and thought it was a joke, and one I didn’t find very funny. The article irked me so I decided to read the comments instead and discovered this article was supposed to be taken seriously. Here I thought I was reading one of the most offensives pieces of literature I’ve ever found, and almost every comment thought it was great advice.  

I won’t go into why I hate this article and could rip apart just about every other line. So why am I posting it? I want to hear what other people think about it. If you like it, please tell me why. I’d love to get into a respectful debate about it. If you don’t like it, I’d be thrilled to talk to you as well. Am I crazy or is this article really a piece of work? 


Dreams to Reality (day 46)

Have you ever had a plan? Something you think about for years and take hours of your life to work out the smallest details? I consider every story I write a plan, and I dedicate days of my life to each and every one of them.

But today I’m starting thee story, the one I have been working for four years. For someone who can think of an idea then work tirelessly to create the world and flesh out characters and write a first draft in three months, four years is a lifetime. So why has it taken me for years? Because it’s thee story.

My sister and I decided four years ago to write a young adult epic fantasy series. Today, we have started finally begun. We thought we were ready a few times before, but always realized we needed to change this part of the story line, remove a character, add more detail to this country, and so on and so on. Now we have planned the mythology, culture, religion, history, and rules of this world.

We’ve planned for four books and each one has been plotted out. Of course, we’ve left ourselves several opportunities to revisit the world with some of those mythological characters, and left room to write into the future of the world from where our series will leave off.

It’s terrifying to actually start writing it, but amazing at the same time. I know the characters so well they feel like some of my closest friends. The only real downside to writing it is the fact I have to have so many Microsoft word documents open that it crashes my computer.

We’ve started to work on the query letter too, but I’m not sure how to sell a story with over 20 POV’s. We will have to find an agent who is really looking for both YA and Epic Fantasy because our book series is a combination of the two. It will be an exciting challenge, I believe.

There were times I didn’t know if this story would ever be written. We both write stories so we are always editing, planing, querying, and writing our own stories. Finding time to plan our mutual story could be difficult at times. But over the weekend we woke up and worked on this story until we went to bed. It was difficult and draining, but well wroth our time. It’s been four years of preplanning, and it’s time for adventure to begin.

I wish I could write more about it, but that fact is I really want to write it so this post won’t be much longer. I wanted to say to everyone who regularly comments/likes my posts your encouragement is amazing